Legal framework

Federal Act on Vocational and Professional Education and Training, VPETA (162 KB)

Ordinance issued by Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology on VET programme leading to issuance of Federal VET Diploma in Commerce (597 KB)

VET in Switzerland

Book: Vocational and Professional Education and Training in Switzerland - Extract (2724 KB)

Book: Vocational and Professional Education and Training in Switzerland - Order (3900 KB)

ZG: Swiss Education VET System (2581 KB)

Official documents

Apprenticeship contract (2024/25) (572 KB)

Apprenticeship contract (2024/25) (443 KB)

Traineeship contract (554 KB)

Handbook Apprenticeship (388 KB)

QualiCarte (587 KB)

Selection Records (589 KB)

Selection Records Explanations (27 KB)

Training Report (612 KB)

Training Report Explanations (411 KB)

Vignette host company (5545 KB)


Federal VET Diploma in Commerce (48 KB)

Overview of the professional competences of the holders of the Federal VET Diploma in Commerce, Services and Administration S&A  (42 KB)

Final examination for Profile E (expanded programme) (47 KB)

GE: Mandatory medical certificate for learners (31 KB)

GE: Projet pilote CFC bilingue (1964 KB)

ZG: Federal VET Diploma in Business Administration Kaufmann / Kauffrau EFZ (117 KB)


ZG: Federal VET Diploma in Information Technology Informatikerin / Informatiker EFZ (99 KB)


Context: "Formation duale bilingue et mobilité" (115 KB)

Tribune de Genève: "Bilinguisme et formation commerciale, une success story genevoise" (696 KB)



This portal in English contains complete information about the Swiss system of vocational and professional education and training (VPET). It is based on the three mirror sites in German, French and Italian (, and It is still under construction and will be gradually expanded.
On the German, French and Italian sites, interested parties are provided with considerable information and other documents about the Swiss VPET system.


    Brochure «Facts and Figures - Vocational and Professional Education and Training in Switzerland»

    The brochure contains a series of professional charts about the Swiss VPET system, which we have posted online as separate slides. There are total of 29 individual slides, which can very easily be included in presentations:


    This compilation includes related links to the main websites with information about dual-track VET in English.